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May 1st, 2012


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Written by: Courthouse ARTS

Calling all local and regional poets and word artists!

Wordspeak is a Courthouse ARTS AAP event which provides a space for like-minded people to come together and share in a comfortable space.

The theme for this event is ‘Dreams’.

Get writing, come along and share.

Gold coin entry.

6 – 8pm Friday, May 4th.
The Foyer, Courthouse Arts.



Profile Piece

Wonderwall Gallery at Courthouse ARTS presents a retrospective exhibition to showcase the various artists who have exhibited this year. Join us for the recap of our local talent at we come to the close of 2014. Featuring works ...
by Courthouse ARTS

COVER blue skies

Blue Skies // Jaded Ladies – Courtney Ward

 ‘Blue Skies // Jaded Ladies’ is the latest series of works by local artist Courtney Ward. Presented is a vivid collection that explores identity & gender, as well as the artist’s personal musings. The works tran...
by Courthouse ARTS


Gutless – Casey Nicholls – Bull

A new exhibition in the Wonderwall Gallery by Casey Nicholls – Bull “‘Gutless’ is my attempt at vomiting some of my teenage guts into art so it’s slightly less gross. It’s flowing with mixed ...
by Courthouse ARTS


Red Flag 2

Hands over ears won’t stop the voices – Joshua Maxwell de Hoog

Melbourne/Victoria based photographer, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog will also be opening an exhibition on the 12th of his paintings. De Hoog’s latest series of work ranges from paint on canvas and paper to installation pieces. ...
by Courthouse ARTS

loz painting

The Rainbow Hunt – Lauren Green

Lauren Green’s exhibition “The Rainbow Hunt”   will open on Friday the 12th of September. “I am addicted to colours, every single colour in the world” A showcase of circular/orbital artworks on plywood, sy...
by Courthouse ARTS