March 30th, 2012

Inauguration by Bridy Beck

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Written by: Courthouse ARTS

Photo by Angela Pagan

On Wednesday the 21st of March 2012, the Premier Ted Baillieu, opened the new courthouse cafe/arts centre building in Geelong. The atmosphere in the building was just extraordinary, as you walked into the building; you just felt a sense of mystery and excitement. The main hall was covered in prints of different artist and the simplicity of the area was just astounding.

As people made their way upstairs to hear the premier’s speech, you were greeted by a dancer atop the stairs. Sadly there wasn’t enough room for us to actually view the speech but a few of us were lucky enough to design the “Open” letters for the premier and others to hold up for photos.

After that we walked around the building and looked at the different rooms. The cafe was abuzz with so many business women and men talking, the smell of food wafted out of the kitchen and into the small lounge area at the front. Bands were playing outside in the alley behind a large piece of street art in the background, whilst a sausage sizzle was cooking next to the bands.

The afternoon was spent in the theatre upstairs playing games and getting a feel for the stage. We talked about the different aspects that actors would feel under the pressure.

When we played a few warm up games, like the giant’s treasure where one person would stand at the front with their back to the others, whilst they snuck up to try and grab the item next to the person at front. When they turned around you had to freeze and hold it, if you moved, you had to go back to the start.

Angie got an idea to take some shots with her camera from the giants’ perspective which turned out great.

The entire day was an exciting experience and full of lively entertainment. Thanks to the friendly and welcoming staff for letting us share the experience of the opening. We had a blast :D

Bridy Beck.



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